JAPAN 2015
Arrivals - Tokyo
Orientation & sightseeing in Tokyo
Monday 06 April 2015
Landing into Haneda airport through a thick blanket of thick fog, I soon met up with Stu & Tamsyn who'd travelled out a few days earlier. After picking up my JR Rail Pass we headed into Tokyo on the monorail, in search of K's guest house.

This involved traversing the famed Tokyo metro. Just like London's Underground you can pay as you go or opt for a day pass but beware, some lines are operated by private companies and not covered by the day pass. This can be confusing for the uninitiated but luckily for me Tamsyn had mastered the process by the time I arrived.
K's guest house is not easy to find! After searching a few side streets we were pointed in the right direction by a friendly local, who clearly knew the look of a lost westerner when he saw one.

K's is a definite notch above your average UK hostel. It's smart, clean and very well organised - all things the Japanese take seriously. Wearing your shoes into reception or anywhere indoors is considered rude and a big no no!
After checking in at K's we headed out for some sight-seeing. Walking north, we ended up at Sensō-ji, a fine Japanese temple and well worth a look.

As evening neared our thoughts turned to food. Vegetarians are a group not traditionally well catered for in Japanese cuisine, so finding somewhere that suited all tastes could have been tricky. Fortunately we're all curry monsters and found an Indian restaurant where we got stuck in to Jalfrezi and beer.